Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wuthering Heights

"Wuthering Heights" 12 x 12 acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas.

I hope I've done some justice to Emily Bronte's original description:
"Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr. Heathcliff's dwelling. 'Wuthering' being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed in stormy weather. Pure, bracing ventilation they must have up there at all times, indeed: one may guess the power of the north wind blowing over the edge, by the excessive slant of a few stunted firs at the end of the house; and by a range of gaunt thorns all stretching their limbs one way, as if craving alms of the sun. " (Wuthering Heights. Chapter1)
A little photography has been in order recently to prepare for this painting. I'm so lucky the skies complied :) I just switched the direction of the lighting around a little.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Three more...

A few new paintings, which are in the shop. I only just got around to posting them - sorry!

"Bronte Sisters" 5 x 7 acrylic on canvas.
...and it's the Pride and Prejudice girls again...

"Elizabeth Bennett" acrylic and artist's ink on book page.

"Jane Bennett" acrylic and artist's ink on book page.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Vintage Patina

Hello there. I trust this week is treating you well? Listen to me - you can blame series 3 of Downton Abbey for that rather toffee-nosed language.
Talking of vintagey-style things, we visited the Imperial War Museum in Waterloo on Saturday and I took a few snaps. (Sorry I didn't get to post them on the Facebook page yesterday - I was floored by another migraine).

Amelia tries out the Anderson shelter. "No - I think I prefer my own bed..." There's a surprise...
Although that chair looks comfy!
Let's see what's on the radio...
Make ourselves a nice cuppa 
...and have a little slice of pie. Apple? Rhubarb? Blackcurrant?
Lovely! Oh and I've been designing a little bit of packaging for the new magnets, which will be popping into the shop within the next couple of weeks:
Hoping you're warm and well-fed this week!



Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Hello

Hello lovely, lovely people!
That is one of our wonderful sunflowers. I'm beginning to chop a few of them as they're starting to get frosted and it would be such a huge shame to lose them. We left last year's for the birds, but they didn't touch them, so I won't leave them all out this year...just a few.
I have a head filled with ideas today and am trying to work on them, but...my head also decided to fill with migraine. It's now past the stage of being unable to see, paint or read so hopefully, the pain won't kick in too badly and I won't be forced to cower under my duvet!
There are lots of cards to get through, a couple of paintings to finish up, and something I was ironing earlier...
Here are a few more photos from the (ever-messy) work station.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Few Animal Paintings

"Terrys Heart Jumped As He Realised He May Have Left The Gas On..."
Hello there! This is Terry, so named in homage to the great wildlife man himself, sadly missed (mostly by we in the UK). See what I cleverly did with the name there?
I have a soft spot for these little guys, as the town I grew up in - Southport, on the northwest coast of the UK, and the nearby reserve of Formby has been quite a refuge for them.
I've been saddened to read that Hesketh Park, my local park where they thrived for a long time, is now mostly home to greys.
Oh! I feel sorry that the greys are now classed as vermin - it isn't their fault...but still...there it is...
50% ($37.50) from the sale of this item goes to the Red Squirrel Survival trust: http://www.rsst.org.uk/

Found mainly in Europe, red squirrels are now highly endangered due to the influx of grey squirrels, which carry the squirrel pox virus, to which greys are immune, but reds are not!

Please help the little reds out by either donating your own amount, or purchasing this unique piece for your lovely walls :)
Some more facts (taken from the red Squirrel Survival Trust website):

They have four fingers and five toes.
They can be right or left-handed when eating a pine cone.
They can swim.
Reds’ coats moult twice a year, once after winter and then in the late summer before the weather gets colder.
They moult their ear tufts once a year, in late autumn
How cool is that?!
Oh yes...and I've finally put these smiley fellows up for sale too. I've named them Billiam and Sven!
"Billiam Had Really Enjoyed His Early Morning Fry-Up"
"Sven Was Excited About Attending His First Fencing Class"
I kept these two for a few months because, well, I just found it tough to let them go. It isn't usually a problem I have - not with my human portraiture anyway, but the animals, that's different... So if you're out there, good customer, please be sure to treat them well. I have a feeling they bring good luck! ;)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sale Time!

Yep! I've decided on a little last-minute sale for you! Originally, It was just going to be an ACEO stock-clearance, but I decided why not just throw in all of the prints for a little while at least?!
So, If you've had your eye on anything in particular for a while but have been putting it off because it's just that teeny bit more than you've been wanting to pay, now's your chance to leap in there!
I'm trying to get all of them labelled, but with the other projects I'm working on right now, I won't get them all, but believe me ALL prints are available, so just type 'ACEOSTOGO' inot the coupon code box at checkout and they're yours! 
The sale is only on until Wednesday 3rd Oct inclusive.
I hope you find something fun!